Season 6

Season 6: Into Parts Unknown

Dorothy’s Awesome Shuttlecraft Adventure

Why Toto Can’t Join Starfleet

Yes, we finally reached a new season. Looking forward to what the winds bring. The tribbles are hard at work banging out new scripts. Six years of Star Trek Natures Hunger, who would have thought?

The Starfleet Screw Up

Coming Soon

Dorothy Gale has always dreamed of joining Starfleet to see the universe, but she never imagined she’d end up in prison. Her dream became a nightmare; Ensign Gale must face a Court Martial.

The Captain is advised to get her the best possible lawyer. Was she really innocent or guilty?

It’s a dark time for Ensign Gale who is beginning to lose hope that there might be a way out of her dilemma. How do you find hope when darkness closes in? Even A Yellow Brick Road has a Dark Side.