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The Court Martial of Dorothy Gale The Mini Series – The Teaser

Mini Series Synopsis: Dorothy Gale dreamed of the day that she could join Starfleet and live her new dream of exploring the stars as a Starfleet officer. Soon after receiving her commission, Ensign Gale is charged with murder. Starfleet is embarrassed about the ordeal, the bad PR it will generate, and plans to ship Ensign Gale quietly off to prison. Captain Ramses is convinced of her innocence. He intervenes, demands justice, and forces her right to a Court Martial. Unfortunately, the evidence is rather damning and Starfleet has assigned its best lawyer who never “lost a case” to be its prosecutor.

If she loses, then it’s the firing squad for Ensign Gale, The Captain must race against the clock to find a good lawyer and obtain solid evidence to prove her innocence, but timing is running out. Is she guilty or innocent? Will she live or be executed? Watch the mini-series to find out.